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"This tour is the REAL DEAL"


"This tour is the REAL DEAL.  Highly recommended!!! Heather is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and has a special relationship with the spirits of STA. My husband and I were lucky to be the only two on the tour, but we don’t understand why this tour isn’t sold-out every night! I’m sensitive to the paranormal and every place that we visited did not fail to deliver. We loved learning about areas of the city that we would’ve overlooked, had it not been for this tour. Can’t wait to scour our photos for any spirit activity. Do yourself a favor and take this tour!!! You will not be disappointed. Heather and Steve are a fantastic team and we hope they continue to have great success. All the best! We truly enjoyed meeting both of you! " 

This Tour is very Authentic!!!!


"My Wife and I took the investigative tour with Heather and Steve. It was AMAZING! Being a local resident of St. Augustine for 33 years, I felt confident that I knew the history pretty well. I learned a lot of interesting facts ( like where the true oldest house is located). It was wonderful evening and I'd recommend it to everyone!"

Best Ghost tour in St. Augustine


"Best Ghost tour in St. Augustine and I come here often. This experience alone makes the trip here worth it."

It was awesome!! No Show, All Real !!


"just 2 weekends ago my Girlfriend and I visited STA and booked a Ghost tour with Heather... and man... it was awesome!! No Show, All Real!! We had some pretty good interactions which were provable with EMF meters and other Ghost hunter devices... I strongly recommend this tour with Heather!!"

Best Bang for the buck when it comes to Ghost Tours in town.


"Heather is an amazing tour guide. She is electric in personality and her knowledge of the history of St. Augustine is amazing in itself. She does her research on everything and what you get is not made up or theatrical. It is the best Ghost tour you will get period. From Guided history tours to the full blown paranormal investigation with all kinds of professional equipment. If your looking for the real deal in paranormal. Book a tour with Heather and The Haunted Travelers Co. She is a Spirit magnet. I've been doing this for a long time myself and can say with 100% confidence she is great at this work. The Travelers Van is comfy and can accommodate a nice group. Bring Your cameras, Phones, recording devices or any gear you might have because it will get used."

Had an awesome time!


"We had an awesome time with The Haunted Travelers while in St. Augustine. They started our tour early and kept us out past scheduled time which was fine with us. We felt and heard some spirits and had an awesome time! We also learned a lot of St Augustine history that we did not know about. We would definitely do this again! Thanks again."

if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind ghostly experience.


"This tour was so amazing we're doing it again a week later!! Heather is so knowledgeable about the history of St Augustine and has a ton of stories, experiences, and photos. We had such a great time and got to communicate with some spirits. I even experienced the feel of one myself. I would highly recommend Haunted Travelers Co. if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind ghostly experience. I look forward to my next tour!!"

Great ghost tour


"Heather’s most definitely the perfect person to tour Saint Augustine with. If you love the paranormal, you’ll love the tour and the fun tools she brings along to aid in your searches. She has plenty of cool evidence from previous tours and guest experiences to share as well. I’ve done a few ghost tours in the city and her stories are different from all of the tales I’ve heard before. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, the 2 hour tour is still well worth your time—Heather is sweet, makes everyone feel comfortable, and has researched the city so thoroughly that it’s incredible. At some points it felt like she had a haunted tale or interesting historical fact about every building/house we passed. It was very interesting and made time fly by. We wish we could have stayed out longer. Nothing crazy happened on our tour, but we definitely had a few peculiar occupancies and an all around great time. Really awesome job"

Truly amazing experience!


"Heather was phenomenal! Her energy, knowledge and the respect that she gives the spirit world is just amazing! My husband and I were lucky enough to be the only two that booked a tour on that night and I have to say that this tour was the highlight of our trip! Her knowledge of the city was worth taking the tour, let alone the paranormal activities! If you're considering the tour you will be in for unforgettable experience! It was definitely worth it. I highly recommend them and if you book, please have an open mind! We will definitely be back!"

Great experience!


"Heather was AMAZING! This was my first experience and it did not disappoint. The walk and stops during the tour, along with the history and story telling made this a perfect first time experience. I loved that we didn't spend a lot of time in the 'touristy' places and got off the beaten path. I would definitely do this again!"

Great night of ghost hunting


Heather has researched all of her sites. She showed us some of her photos of what she has taken at some of the sites we visited. We met at the city gates. I parked at the fort as it is free after 5pm and walked the short distance across the street to the gates. You end at the fort so to park there makes the most sense. . I don't want to say too much about where we went as after the second cemetery we did NOT see any of the other tours. It was just us walking the now nearly deserted St Augustine streets. The other tours we passed were large (trolley sized), loud with costumed guides and the occasional theatrical scream. Heather is part of the St Augustine paranormal investigators group and brought along some of her ghost hunting tools. Make sure your phones are fully charged as you do take LOTS of pictures. Reserve your spot by either calling or emailing Heather. We ended at the fort at 1215am so make sure you wear comfortable shoes, bring water and bug spray.

We had a fantastic time!


"We had a fantastic time! our guides (owners) were so friendly and knowledgeable. So much STA history was included and we will go again during our next trip to STA!"